Selected publications
Selected publications
Full publication lists:

Stagonas, D., Marzeddu, A., Cobos, F.X.G.I., Conejo, A.S.A. and Muller, G., 2016. Measuring wave impact induced pressures with a pressure mapping system. Coastal Engineering, 112, pp.44-56. (doi:10.1016/j.coastaleng.2016.03.003)


Clarke, D., Williams, S., Jahiruddin, M., Parks, K.E. and Salehin, M. (2015) Projections of on-farm salinity in coastal Bangladesh. Environmental Science Processes and Impacts, 1-11. (doi:10.1039/C4EM00682H).


Clubley, S.K., Manes, C. and Richards, D.J. (2015) Discussion: High-resolution sonars set to revolutionise bridge scour inspections. ICE Proceedings Civil Engineering, 168, (CE2), 57-59. (doi:10.1680/cien.2015.168.2.57).


Hakami, Othman, Zhang, Yue and Banks, Charles J. (2015) Influence of aqueous environment on agglomeration and dissolution of thiol-functionalised mesoporous silica-coated magnetite nanoparticles. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 22, (5) (doi:10.1007/s11356-014-3085-3).


Liu, Yong-Qiang and Tay, Joo-Hwa (2015) Fast formation of aerobic granules by combining strong hydraulic selection pressure with overstressed organic loading rate. Water Research, 80, 256-266. (doi:10.1016/j.watres.2015.05.015).


Narayan, S., Simmonds, Dave, Nicholls, Robert J. and Clarke, Derek (2015) A Quasi-2D Bayesian network model for assessments of coastal inundation pathways and probabilities. Journal of Flood Risk Management, 1-28. (doi:10.1111/jfr3.12200).


Newbold, L.R. and Kemp, P.S. (2015) Influence of corrugated boundary hydrodynamics on the swimming performance and behaviour of juvenile common carp (Cyprinus carpio). Ecological Engineering, 82, 112-120. (doi:10.1016/j.ecoleng.2015.04.027).  


Piper, A.T., Manes, C., Siniscalchi, F., Marion, A., Wright, R.M. and Kemp, P.S. (2015) Response of seaward migrating European eel (Anguilla anguilla) to manipulated flow fields. Proceedings of The Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 282, (1811), 1-9. (doi:10.1098/rspb.2015.1098). (PMID:26136454).


Stevens, A.J., Clarke, D., Nicholls, R.J. and Wadey, M.P., 2015. Estimating the long-term historic evolution of exposure to flooding of coastal populations. Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 3(2), pp.1681-1715. (doi:10.5194/nhess-15-1215-2015).

Dr Gustavo de Almeida
Dr Arif Anwar
Prof Charles Banks
Dr Derek Clarke
Dr Sonia Heaven
Prof Paul Kemp
Dr Yongqiang Liu
Dr Costantino Manes
Dr Gerald Muller
Dr David Rycroft
Prof Trevor Tanton
Dr Susanne Ullrich
Dr Yue Zhang
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