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2017 2019 RAEng link - textile wastewaters Liu
2017 2018 DEBRIEF de Almeida
2013 2016 Biogas production from high volume industrial effluents at ambient temperatures Banks
2014 2014 Magnetic field and granular sludge Liu
2012 2015 Fish response to acoustics Kemp
2012 2015 Turbulent boundary layers interacting with groups of obstacles Manes
2012 2013 Testing dual axis scanning sonars for full scale experiments on scour-development around hydraulic structures Richards
2008 2012 Hydropower with very low head differences Müller
2006 2009 SOCOPSE - Source control of priority substances in Europe Ullrich
2008 2008 Water Availability and the Production of Biofuels - An Integrated Assessment Banks
2004 2007 BIOMERCURY - Worldwide remediation of mercury hazards through biotechnology Ullrich
2005 ongoing Lockerley Water Farm - intermittent loading algal pond system Heaven
2005 ongoing Spring ponds - algal biomass systems Heaven
2005 2008 JAYHUN - Interstate water resource risk management: Towards a sustainable future for the Aral Basin Tanton
2003 2007 TWINBAS - Twinning European and third countries river basins for development of integrated water resources management methods Tanton
2002 2005 Satellite image processing techniques for effective management of land use and irrigation demand in the Aral basin - INTAS Aral Tanton
2001 2004 Assessment of how landfilling could affect the ecology of the far-field aquatic environment Banks
2001 2003 Study of the equilibrium and kinetics of mercury sorption and desorption by power station fly ash and assessment of the role of ash in limiting the bio-availability of mercury Tanton
2001 2003 Treatment, Extraction and Reuse of Chemically Complex Alkaline Leachates from Landfills Powrie
2000 2003 TOXICMANAGEMENT - Development of cost-effective methods for minimizing risk from heavy metal pollution in industrial cities: A case study of mercury pollution in Pavlodar Tanton
2000 2002 Evaluation of a reticulated foam bioreactor Banks
1998 2002 Study of the parameters for optimisation of the design and performance of waste stabilisation ponds in extreme continental climates Banks
1998 2002 Development of low-cost methods for treatment and reuse of drainage and urban wastewater by adaptation of waste stabilisation ponds for extreme continental climates Banks
1997 1999 Creation of a network of scientists and engineers for sustainable management of the water resources of the Aral basin Tanton
1997 1999 Development of options for damage limitation and environmental restoration of mercury-contaminated areas in north-central Kazakhstan Tanton